Chris moved from Ohio to Florida in ’87 and has been playing music ever since. He has been drumming since approximately the beginning of time…give or take a decade. His biggest fans are his two amazing children, who also like to beat on things. As long as they are drums and not people, Chris will approve.

He cycled through numerous instruments and skill sets to find “the one,” including violin, clarinet saxophone, piano, trumpet, percussion, kazoo, interpretive dancing, cello, and singing. He decided to be a drummer, after a lighting incident in ’94 when a stage light reflected off of his pale skin while on the front line and blinded a waitress. She has never been the same.

We think he is Irish but still uncertain at this point. After numerous projects and career choices, Chris was blessed to join Cover Story. He found a second family with this amazing trio of wonderful people and phenomenal musicians. They truly bring out the best in him.

Fred is a native Floridian, born in Melbourne. From as early as he can remember, he yearned to make music. He picked up the guitar at the age of 8 and started teaching himself how to play. Fred’s first ‘legitimate’ lessons, though, came a few years later when he joined the Jr. high school band and discovered the trumpet.

Fred played in several groups around the area and region throughout high school. He was a member of the All-County, All-State, and Tri-State bands, the Disney Honor Band, and performed for many local churches and organizations. Fred spent several years in college pursuing a Music Education degree before moving to Austin, TX, where he performed in various groups during the early 90’s. Fred eventually found his way back to Melbourne, refocused on a career in IT, and met his future wife Jodi.

In 2007, he co-founded the highly successful Chain Reaction band and was later a founding member of the Divas band.

Always eager to make more music, Fred sought out new opportunities and joined up with Stacy and Cover Story.
Stacy fell in love with music at a very early age. She's been singing and playing piano in musicals, bands, and at church since she was a little girl. With encouragement from her parents, Stacy traveled the world with Up with People after high school and has continued making music and serving her community in various ways ever since. In 2007 she released an album of original inspirational pop/rock music.

Stacy had no idea starting a cover band would be so much work but so much fun. She is truly thrilled and honored to work alongside (she actually stands in front of them at work but working alongside sounds better) such wonderful musicians and friends as Fred, Aaron, and Chris. Most importantly she is the one who looks the best wearing dresses and fancy boots. Stacy is thankful to her family for their support, and to God for the giving gift of music to the world.

Chris - Drums/ vocals

Fred - Guitar/ vocals/ trumpet

Stacy - Lead vocal/ keys